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In order to join the game, fill out the form below.
"Your name" does not have to be your legal name if you would prefer not to give that to us, but we do ask that you give us something to call you, as a person, separate from the characters and family you will create, that makes you seem like a pleasant human and not a l33t h4xx0r, a killer robot, or a cartoon animal. In short, the kind of name a real person might have, even if it's not actually yours.

You will also need to choose a family name. The name should be a proper surname, not a title, and not a "funny name". For example, if you choose "Doe" here, and later create a character named "Joe", he will be "Joe Doe". So don't choose "House Doe" or "The Mighty Does" as the family name, because that would make your character's name "Joe House Doe" or "Joe The Mighty Does" respectively - and that just sounds silly.

Only the adminstration and developers will have access to your personal information unless you make it public in your preferences page.
If you use whitelist software, please make sure that has been added to your whitelist before submitting your application, or the e-mail that you need to confirm your address will bounce.

Only one account per person!

Join Battlemaster:

Player Information:
"Your name" does not have to be your legal name, just a name that makes you sound human.
Your name
Your e-mail

Optional Player Information:
Timezone UTC +/- hours (timezone information)

Character Information:
The name of your account doubles as the last name of all of your characters. This is not your real name; but it should be something that works as a last name, not an account handle like you would use for other games.

Account (Family) Name
Example Family Names: 'Lionheart' 'de Verre' 'Rockkeep' 'Glarsk' 'Heing'