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In BattleMaster, you play one or more medieval nobles, knights who lead units of common soldiers into battle.
The game is played entirely through your browser, and many events happen turn-based. There are two turns every day, one called sunrise and one called sunset. Travel, battles, tax collection, elections and many other things happen at the turns. The time inbetween is for giving orders and doing many smaller actions, such as training or recruiting more soldiers.
There is an intense and important political aspect to the game. Inside a realm, players struggle for power and promotion, such as becoming one of the few dukes of the realm. Realms, in turn, fight wars and build alliances, in an effort to survive and grow.

Getting Started

Our Wiki contains a special introduction for new players. That should get you started.

We also have two tutorials. These are hands-on-experiences and will guide you through character generation and a few basics of gameplay.

Furthermore, we have some great introductionary videos of what is important after creating your family on BattleMaster:

Available Help

Since BattleMaster is, despite being easy on your time, a very complex game, we provide many kinds of help to make it easy for you to play.
The first and most important part is that you do not start out on your own. From the start you are a member of a realm, a member of the elite class of knights, and your fellow nobles will help you - and include you in their private plottings and struggles.

Help The icon to the left is our context-sensitive help button. You will see it on many pages when playing the game, and it always leads to a page with explanations about that part of the game.

Also, there is the Wiki. That is the most extensive documentation and collection of information about BattleMaster you will find. It contains a full-size manual, the Frequently Asked Questions, and many, many in-depth articles on special topics. All of it written by either the developers themselves or by players.

Player Support

Most of our more experienced players are also glad to help new players. If you have a question, simply asking in-game will usually get you an answer. You may also find help at the forum Helpline or by asking fellow players on the Discord server.

Support BattleMaster

BattleMaster is supported entirely by donations from the player community and the generous sacrifices of spare time by volunteers who not only help with the game code but also with the Wiki, forum or on the Wiki.